Theories about
Al Gough
  • How is his death going to change the events for everyone in the future?
    • Since Al committed suicide, he's unable to prevent Celia from joining Already Ghosts, thus contributing to her demise. However, this does not explain why he's not a Ghost. (see Celia/Theories)
    • Since Al committed suicide, he's had a direct influence on at least three peoples futures: Fiona Banks', Celia's, and his own. This influence is pretty much unavoidable unless they bring him back to life. He gave pretty much everyone else proof that the futures they witnessed (or did not witness) were not set in stone. He invalidated the basic premise of the Already Ghosts, likely preventing thousands of people from joining and sealing their own fate. He probably gave thousands more the courage to try and change what they saw.
    • IMPORTANT Mark's vision shows that Mark actually knows six months from now about Al's death. Then, does that mean that during the blackout Al had a coma-induced illusion that had nothing to do with the future or Mark is really special?

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