Theories about
Alpha ring

Who has the missing ring? Edit

Suspect Zero Edit

  • An obvious choice, Suspect Zero was wearing the ring in Detroit during the GBO
    • No longer the case. As of episode Revelation Zero, Part 2; Simon returns the ring to Flosso upon his request after he enters the tunnel in the stadium.
    • The missing ring was in the white queen chess piece that Mark and Demetri found in the doll factory in Pigeon, Utah and was on Mark's wall until the episode 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' when he smashed the piece open and gives it to Stan who lets Simon and Lloyd analyse it.

Dmetri NohEdit

  • There is still no explanation why he emerged after the blackout nowhere near Mark Benford's car virtually unscathed.

Who was wearing the rings at GBO time? Edit


  • Simon Campos, also known as Suspect Zero, was instructed to wear one at the beginning of the Blackout in Detroit.
  • D. Gibbons, who told Simon to wear the ring.
  • Flosso, who was waiting for Simon in the tunnel.
  • Victor, who transported Simon and who was also in the tunnel.


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