Andrew "Andy" Weeks (played by actor John J. Deignan) was a ghost who attended Blue Hand clubs, where he met a Raynaud, Jeff Slingerland. He was supposed to die on March 2, 2010 from a drug allergy. However, he survived and told his story to the media. Slingerland, believing that lives had to be balanced against other lives and that Weeks should not have survived, poisoned Weeks's coffee with warfarin, thereby killing Weeks. ("Course Correction")

Weeks's death was investigated by Fiona Banks and Demetri Noh, who were able to determine that Slingerland was Weeks's killer. Noh crashed his car into Slingerland's to stop Slingerland from killing Celia Quinones. Slingerland collapsed and died shortly afterwards. ("Course Correction")

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