Baby doll photograph

On Mark's wall

The baby doll photograph is one of the items pinned to the bulletin board featured in Mark Benford's flashforward. It also appears on Nhadra Udaya's similar board. The two photos are identical on the Mosaic walls, other than the fact that Mark's version is in color and Nhadra's is in black and white (other than the evidence marker, which is a more faded yellow). The photo features a burned plastic doll's head with a hole in it, a shell casing next to it, and an evidence marker with the number 8 in the upper right corner. It was soon revealed that the doll was a product of the Divine Doll Company where Benford, Noh and Sheriff Keegan confronted an unknown man.

"Baby Doll Photograph" was also the text written on one of the post-it notes seen on the bulletin board in the flashforward, and later recreated by Noh.

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