D. Gibbons' message to Demetri Edit

  • Two Blackouts are known to have occurred:
  • D. Gibbons had near certain knowledge that Demetri would watch a videotape of himself talking to Demetri.
  • D. Gibbons is associated with Nhadra Udaya.
  • It may be concluded that:
    • There was at least one other Blackout, possibly only affecting Dyson Frost, which sent consciousness forward eighteen or nineteen years.
      • Dyson may somewhere have his own personal "blackout machine" he is able to look forward with as far into the future as he needs, as often as he needs.
        • This theory is explored here.
    • That for D. Gibbons to learn that Demetri would watch a tape in the tower Gibbons must be watching that happening.
    • That Nhadra's call to Demetri was designed to immerse him in the Mosaic Investigation.

D. Gibbons' experiment on the villagersEdit

If Gibbons or one of his goons had a random selection of half of the villagers killed before their 2 weeks into the future visions could come true, and the rest after, then he could see if the record of the 1st group's visions would then disappear.

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