Theories about
Black Swan

The person drowning Nicole Kirby was the Priest Edit

Several pieces of evidence suggest that the person shown drowning Nicole Kirby in her flash is the Priest that Nicole goes and visits in this episode.

  • The person shown drowning Nicole in her flash is wearing something with long black sleeves and a black collar, similar to what a priest would wear
  • Nicole may just be getting baptized, she is wearing white in her flash forward. She does say she feels like she did something wrong,she may just feel bad for her sins.
  • The faces of the priest and the drowner are very similar. This series of pictures has the priest's face superimposed over the drowner's.  The first is the priest at 100%.  Then the priest at 75%.  Then priest at 50%.  Then priest at 25%.  And finally, no priest, just drowner.

Flashforward 104 Nicole Priest 100

Priest 100%

Flashforward 104 Nicole priest 75

Priest 75%

Flashforward 104 NicolePriest 50

Priest 50%

Flashforward 104 Nicole Priest 25

Priest 25%

Flashforward 104 Nicole Priest 0

Priest 0%

* The Priest's name is Father Seabury.  When you drown someone, you sort of bury them at sea.
  • Father Seabury's story about "keeping crickets" in a cardboard box in his desk drawer doesn't hold up.  Crickets need to be housed in a container with good fresh air circulation.
  • It appears that Father Seabury is in the process of just moving into or moving out of his office.  There are packing boxes, piles of papers, and furniture stacked all over it.
  • There is something strange about Father Seabury's cell phone call.  We hear him answer a call just before he comes into the office.  But then, when he sees Nicole there, he seems to be trying to make it sound as though he's in the middle of a conversation that's been going on for awhile.  The conversation is too disjointed and brief to have been real.
  • Father Seabury's body language is very guarded and defensive.  During much of the meeting with Nicole his arms are crossed across his chest and at several times he partially covers his mouth with his hand as he's speaking.
  • Father Seabury also seems to be uncomfortable with Nicole in general or to be hiding something since he seems to avoid Nicole's questions, leaves very abruptly, and seems very creepy overall.

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