Bryce and Keiko meet for the first time in the flashes.

In their flashes, Bryce examines the tattoo on her arm.

The reasons for doing this would be:

1. He is admiring a new tattoo

2. As a confirmation that this is the woman he has been waiting for.

Unless Keiko has brought forward having the tattoo done, purely based on her flash, the 1st possibility can be ruled out.

You'll need to explain "brought forward having the tattoo done." I'm not sure what that means. Point two, above, is pretty much a given. Point one can't really be ruled out, in any case.

Ok, assume that without the flash, she would have had the tattoo done on or near to the date of the flashes. However, seeing herself in the future with the tattoo, she has now made an effort to fulfil her prophecy by having it done now, at a time earlier than she would have done without the flash. If this is the case, then what will actually happen at flash time will be slightly different to what they saw (or she will take to wearing long-sleeved jumpers to prevent Bryce seeing the tattoo in advance!)Spoke 11:17, March 26, 2010 (UTC)

Bryce and Keiko seem to be giving each other 'oh my god I can't believe we're meeting for the first time after so long' looks in the restaurant, PLUS he examines her tattoo like it's the first time he's seeing it.

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