MI wall 2

Mark and Demetri set up the wall, starting with the calendar sheets and five post-it notes.

Eight calendar sheets, covering the period from September 2009 to April 2010, was pinned on the Mosaic Investigation wall in Mark's flashforward.

MI wall

The sheets as seen in the flashforward

Several dates were marked out, although most markings weren't identified during the flash. Some of them, though, were seen:

  • October 6 - the day of the GBO - was marked, although it wasn't seen with what.
  • March 9 was linked with a string to a photo of two men, one of which is wearing an old-fashion diving suit.
  • April 12 was linked to a photo of two elephants lying down.
  • April 29 - the day featured in the flashforwards - was marked "D-day"

As the first step in trying to recreate the wall, Mark and Demetri attached the eight sheets to it, and marked October 6 and April 29.

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