Callie Langer
1x11 Callie Langer
Actor Paula Newsome
First Seen "Revelation Zero, Part 1"
Name Callie Langer
Status Alive
Job Therapist
Saw in Flash Unknown

Callie Langer is the therapist who Mark visits in Revelation Zero.

Character BiographyEdit

Mark visits her on the orders of Stanford in order to get reinstated. She informs Mark that he has a god complex, and his vision makes him think he's the center of the universe. She won't sign off on him until she finds out what he saw that makes him feel that way. She points out that his flash wasn't long enough. He confesses that he was inebriated. She offers a drug therapy to enhance his memory. Mark declines.

Later, Mark returns and agrees to the drug therapy, since he's pushing everyone he cares about away. The process is described as being similar to AA. Mark, under the influence, sees more of his Flash.

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