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Her flashforward is unknown Edit

The transcript of Simon and Camille's talk is the following:

Camille: Times Square. April 29th. The estimates on the Mosaic web site have us at half a million people already. The ball is gonna drop and everything.
Simon: Half a million people going to their future.
Camille: Mm-hmm.
Simon: It's a glorified New Year's party.
Camille: Do you have something better to do?
Simon: Yeah, you could say that.
Camille: Who is she? Oh, come on. I told you mine.
Simon: He... had a neck like an ox... smelled like a meat locker...
Camille: What the hell were you guys doing?
Simon: I had my hands around his neck. I don't know where I was or who the man was... But I felt my thumbs press down on his trachea... until something snapped. And then I let go... Looked down at his lifeless body, quite satisfied. Aren't you glad you asked?

Though extremely suggestive, it does leave room for doubt that the two are talking about Camille's flash forward here. Maybe Camille is organizing the event, or Camille has seen herself watching TV and now plans to do something more interesting instead.

If the party at Times Square is her actual flash forward, that would imply that people are aware of their past selves watching them. So far, Camille would be the first character in the show to show that. The flashes of other people would have to be seen with this fact in mind, too. For example: We would have to assume that Zoey deliberately tricked herself by wearing a white dress and not looking closely at what is going on for over two minutes.

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