Carl Corey
1x18 Carl Corey
Actor Ron Orbach
First Seen "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"
Name Carl Corey
Status Alive
Job Professor
Saw in Flash Unknown

Carl Corey is an antiquities professor at the School of Geoscience to whom Janis Hawk goes to help make sense of the blueprints taken from Dyson Frost. Corey immediately identifies the blueprints as being similar to those for the Antikythera mechanism, an ancient Greek device used to calculate astronomical positions. ("Goodbye Yellow Brick Road")

Later, on orders from Carline, Janis shuts down power in Corey's building and steals the blueprints. However, Corey took photographs of the blueprints on his cell phone before that happened. Corey is able to determine that the device is supposed to calculate dates, most prominent among them October 6, 2009, the date of the Global Blackout. ("Goodbye Yellow Brick Road")

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