The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the primary intelligence agency of the United States of America.

The CIA denied requests from the Los Angeles field office of the FBI for satellite images of Ganwar, Somalia during the 1991 Ganwar incident. ("Black Swan") Consequently, the FBI managed to obtain the images with the help of a hacker who used the handle Mr. Cheeto Dust. ("Gimme Some Truth")

The CIA's director testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee, chaired by Senator Clemente, that the low number of casualties suffered by China led the CIA to assess that China was responsible for the Global Blackout. ("Gimme Some Truth")

Marshall Vogel initially claims to be an FBI legal attaché but eventually reveals himself to be a CIA agent. ("A561984") It is also revealed that Nhadra Udaya is somehow associated with Vogel. ("A561984")

Rookie FBI agent Janis Hawk was recruited by Vogel as a double agent for the CIA against the Global Blackout conspiracy. ("Goodbye Yellow Brick Road")

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