1x21 Hellinger's Map

Episode Season 01, Number 21
Air Date May 20, 2010
Title Image page for April 29, 2010, from a day planner
Written by TBA
Directed by TBA
Guest Stars Yuko Takeuchi as Keiko Arahida
Genevieve Cortese as Tracy Stark
Neil Jackson as Lucas Hellinger
Hira Ambrosino as Yuuka Arahida
Carlease Burke as Francine
Jake Johnson as Powell
Dominic Rains as Kahmir Dejan
with Michael Ealy as Marshall Vogel
and Gabrielle Union as Zoey Andata
Co-starring Dominic Bogart as Keith Connor
Recurring Lennon Wynn as Charlie Benford
Ryan Wynott as Dylan Simcoe
Episode Images

"Countdown" is the twenty-first episode of season one of FlashForward. It first aired in the United States on Thursday, May 20, 2010, on ABC.


Previously on FlashForward Edit

Charlie's fears Edit

1x21 Charlie's Nightmare

Charlie dreams of Mark's death

Charlie Benford has a nightmare...

Working with Simon Edit

1x21 Janis Hurt

Janis's womb gets punched

Simon Campos is trying to convince Janis Hawk to help him get to the National Linear Accelerator Project because he wants revenge against the people who caused the Global Blackout. Demetri arrives and a shorft fight ensues. Janis constrains Simon but, in doing so, receives a blow to her abdomen.

Bryce, Nicole and Keiko Edit

Nicole Kirby visits Bryce Varley at his home to talk about what they are going to do that day; she looks at a drawing of Keiko Arahida and her guilty feeling about not having told Bryce that Keiko is detained in Los Angeles returns. Keiko is told by an interpreter that she could be held for as long as a year until her immigration case is heard.

Afghanistan Edit

1x21 Critical Tracy

Tracy Stark is critically injured

In Afghanistan, Aaron Stark places his wounded daughter Tracy Stark onto a rough cot in the room he saw in his Flash so Kahmir Dejan can try to save her life. Aaron interrogates Keith Connor, a Jericho operator and learns that the villagers Tracy had thought were dead were actually unconscious as a result of a test for the Global Blackout. Jericho wanted Tracy to find out why she remained conscious while within the one kilometer range of the experiment. Tracy died shortly after.

Mark's descent into madness Edit

Lucas Hellinger tells Mark Benford that there are various paths from the present through the day but that they all end with Mark dead in his office. Back in Los Angeles, Mark briefs Stanford Wedeck and Marshall Vogel on his discovery of the relationship between the term "tachyon" and a data warehousing company, Tachyon Offsite Information Systems.

Demetri and Zoey disagree Edit

1x21 Cold Feet

Mark encourages Demetri to marry Zoey

Mark Benford and Demetri Noh discuss what they have accomplished and Mark convinces... Demetri Noh meets Zoey Andata at the airport to fly to Hawaii; he tells her that he is the father of Janis Hawk's child. Zoey responds that she is flying to Hawaii with her parents and that she does not want him to come with her.

External linksEdit

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