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Copied from Easter eggs / 137 Sekunden

Early in Episode 3, Mark Benford, Janis Hawk, and Agent Vreede are in the FBI office reviewing information received from other intelligence services regarding the GBO. Agent Vreede refers to a report from Tonga, saying they believe that the GBO was caused by a "phytoplankton bloom." The agents laughingly dismiss the report. But the FlashForward writers may have put the phytoplankton report in the story for a reason. Had the agents taken the report seriously and done a little research they might have learned some useful things. Phytoplankton are organisms that live in both fresh and seawater around the world. They are the type of plankton that grow by using photosynthesis to convert inorganic material, such as carbon, into food. Since they rely upon sunlight, they live in the upper layers of water. A variety of outside stimuli can trigger rapid growth of phytoplankton in an area, producing a "bloom" - a layer of often colorful vegetation on the surface of the water. Some of those stimuli can arise from the ionizing effects of electromagnetic radiation in the atmosphere. With that information, the agents might have been prompted to look further into whether the phytoplankton bloom showed some possible connections between the GBO and changes in the levels of electromagnetic radiation.”
Now, Tonga is about as far away from Cyprus as one can be, but plankton bloom, possibly colorful, sounds like an ideal match for this hint if you ask me. Although, the picture does seem to have false colors, but still …

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