Theories about
Demetri Noh

Why was Demetri hardly injured in the accident? Edit

How did Demetri get thrown so far from the accident during the blackout with hardly a scratch?

He woke up earlier Edit

Demetri, not having a flash forward at all, woke up before everyone else and got out of the car because he either wanted to survey the damage or get away from something or other. This would mean, of course, that everyone who didn't see anything didn't black out the same way as everyone who did see something.

He was lucky Edit

The car was making a hard left, almost colliding with the gas truck (which latter explodes). Demetri doesn't have his seatbelt on during the chase. As the car turns, just before the Flashforward occurs, he is struggling to stay in his seat and trying to fasten the seatbelt. As the GBO takes place at that time, he never got to do it. As the car flips over he may have been projected out. And he has sustained injuries, he just lucked out and didn't get any serious ones. How many times has anyone witnessed a seemingly disastrous crash where no one is seriously hurt and a little fenderbender with deadly results?

Demetri is not the fatherEdit

  • Janis was either impregnated by other means, or is lying.

Demetri is the fatherEdit

  • Janis' final comment to Demetri implied that their union was successful, and he's off the hook for trying again.

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