Theories about
Dyson Frost

The Puppet Master? (Spying on Mosiac) Edit

  1. Nhadra's is D. Gibbon's accomplice. After keeping track of the Mosaic website for the postings of Mosiac investigators. When Demetri said that he didn't have one, Gibbons used this to his advantage. He had Nhadra call Demetri under the guise of secrecy knowing that they would track her down. When they did, Nhadra would lie to them, saying that Mark kills Demetri. The worst case scenario is that this would destabilize the investigation. The best is that Mark actually would. D. Gibbons wouldn't actually need to know anything about Mark and Demetri to do this -- thinking your partner will kill you causes enough rift in trust. Since Mark has issues with suspicion and trust as it is, it turns a good plan into a great plan. The only real hiccup is that this only really destabilizes Mosaic if D. Gibbons knows that Mark and Demetri are close partners. He could find this information out in many ways -- which leads me to my next point.
  2. Notice too that Nhadra's mosaic wall looked eerily similar to Mark's, which leads me to believe that she and D. Gibbons are spying on Mosaic somehow. Now if Mosiac put all their findings in the FBI database (including pictures of Mark's board), then D. Gibbons could've simply hacked it, but he was unsuccessful as of White to Play and the FBI was now on the special lookout for hackers. The other alternative is that there's a mole in Mosaic. Since the info on her Mosiac board seems to be only a fragment of what's on Mark's, the mole could have limited access. This mole could also give more detailed info on the personalities of investigators.

Gibbons/Frost stole Simon's plansEdit

In addition to the unpublished research that Frost stole from Lloyd Simcoe "Blowback", Frost also stole Simon's plans for the plasma afterburner.

  • Frost discovered the ability to flash
  • Frost learned of Campos'/Simcoe's research from his future self, and researched that knowledge
  • Campos' research was used in the global amplification of the blackout.
  • Simcoe's research was used as the actual blackout mechanism.
  • Frost's research was used for the flashes.

Death of Frost Edit

His actions in "The Garden of Forking Paths" is actually an extremely complicated suicide. He could avoid it, but he didn't. He also intended to distract someone (Mosaic, or Bad Guys, or both) or make Bad Guys think they won.

It was all a plot to, once again, fake his own death. He has succeeded before.

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