1x22 Ed
Actor Patrick J. Adams
First Seen "Revelation Zero, Part 1"
Last Seen "Future Shock"
Name Ed
Status Alive
Job Unknown
Saw in Flash Saving Nicole

Ed is a man Nicole Kirby saw in her Flash. In her interpretation of the event, Ed was trying to drown her and she believed she deserved it but did not know why. ("No More Good Days") ("Black Swan")

Character BiographyEdit

Before the BlackoutEdit


Ed saw himself saving Nicole.

After the BlackoutEdit

Nicole later saw Ed at Angeles Hospital and chased him but was unable to catch up to him ("Revelation Zero, Part 1")

Ed saves Nicole Kirby from drowning when she drives into a lake on Flashforward Day. Afterwards, he explains that he saw himself rescuing her in his flashforward. Nicole realized that she had mistakenly thought he was drowning her, when in fact he was saving her. ("Future Shock")


Unanswered QuestionsEdit

Unanswered questions
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  • How did he find her at Angeles Hospital?
  • Does Ed know Gabriel McDow? If so, what is the nature of their relationship?

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