Emil Gutierrez
1x15 Emil
Actor Vinicius Machado
First Seen "Scary Monsters and Super Creeps"
Last Seen "Queen Sacrifice"
Name Emil Gutierrez
Status Alive
Job Gang leader, automobile repairman
Saw in Flash Unknown

Emil Gutierrez is a gang leader who runs an automobile repair shop that employs illegal workers.



Emil never says what he saw in his flashforward, only that it is less happy than Keiko's flashforward. ("Queen Sacrifice")


Gutierrez was riding the bus boarded by Dylan Simcoe on Halloween evening. He interceded for Dylan, offering some violence, when the bus driver demanded that Dylan pay his fare. ("Scary Monsters and Super Creeps")

After Keiko Arahida helps him adjust the suspension of a car, Gutierrez hires her to work for his automobile repair shop. They become friends and sit together at a restaurant, unaware that Bryce Varley and Nicole Kirby are right outside. When Keiko asks him about his flashforward, he does not tell her about it, instead just indicating that it was not pleasant.

Shortly afterwards, ICE raids the shop, arresting him for illegally employing persons without an I-9 form and detaining his workers, including Arahida. ("Queen Sacrifice")


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