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Option 1 Edit

  • The message is incomplete.
  • It is an error to assume that gaps will not exist.
  • Partial solution is:
  • I'm thinking "Demetri's" is a possessive, not a contraction. We haven't seen any other contractions (e.g. "he'll" instead of "he will"). So, it would be followed by a noun, none of which have appeared yet (unless they did so at the end of "Blowback") TheUnknown285 17:03, March 26, 2010 (UTC)

What works together and what doesn't.Edit

Certain combinations of words fit together. Others are either completely meaningless, are incredibly bad grammar to the point they should be discounted, or are incredibly formal to the point where they should be discounted.

  • "Demetri's" is either a possessive or a contraction of "Demetri is." If it's a possessive, it can be followed by "will" (if it is used as a noun). I seriously doubt "Mark" is being used to refer to anything other than the character or that "die" is being used as a noun. If "Demetri's" is a contraction, it can be followed by "fated" or "murdered." "Isn't," "by," "and," & "if" don't work.
  • "To" is either part of an infinitive or part of an indirect object. If the former, it can be followed by "will" (if used as a verb), "die" (if used as a verb), and "be." If the latter, it can be followed by "Demetri's" or "Mark." "If," "fated," "murdered," "he," "and," & "by" make no sense.
  • "He" has to go with a conjugated verb. "Murdered," "will be murdered," "will die," "will be fated," "will be fated to die," "isn't fated," "isn't murdered," and "will be" all work. "If," "and," "Demetri's," "Mark," "fated," "die," "to," and "be" all don't work.

(TBC)TheUnknown285 03:43, April 12, 2010 (UTC)

Some solutionsEdit

If Demetri's fated to be murdered by Mark and isn't, he will die.

If Demetri's fated to be murdered by Mark and isn't, will he die? TheUnknown285 03:48, April 13, 2010 (UTC)

  • that makes a lot more sense 18:08, May 19, 2010 (UTC)

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