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Unanswered questions (UAQs) Edit

The unanswered questions section is designed to point out all mysteries that still remain to be resolved. Once a question has been answered in a later episode, it is implicitly no longer unanswered and need to be removed. We do not need an historical record of UAQs.

Unanswered questions should be placed where they best fit, episode, character, or other pages. Sometimes, more than one place may be appropriate.

With regards to the kinds of questions included, edits must be of direct relevance. For example, a question arising from "No More Good Days", the question "Is Demetri Suspect Zero?", would be deleted as it is a leading question and theory - and so belongs under the article's theory tab. Likewise, a question where part is leading will be deleted, such as "Why does someone want to kill Mark, is it because he's close to solving the case?" (i.e. the latter clause is leading). Finally, questions about what might happen in future episodes, like "Will Mark start drinking?", should be deleted as they fit into the category of "What happens next?"

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