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A theory is a proposed answer to an unanswered question (UAQ). For example:

Question: Why wasn't Demetri in the car when Mark regained consciousness?
Theory: Demetri didn't lose consciousness. …

The question should go into the section "Unanswered Questions" on the main article page, for example the article Demetri Noh. The theory should go on the appropriate theory page, which in this case is Demetri Noh/Theories. If you have to create the UAQ section, please make sure to add the {{UAQ}} template right after the section heading.

Sometimes it's not really possible to formulate a question in an unbiased manner, as required for an UAQ. This is because asking the question in the first place is already leading / speculative. For example:

Question: Is Demetri the mole in the FBI?
Theory: No, because …

The theory still goes onto Demetri Noh/Theories, but please don't put the question in the main article.

If you want to discuss theories, please use the theory page's discussion page (or talk page) for that. Following the above examples, this page is Talk:Demetri Noh/Theories. Please don't discuss theories on the theory page itself. It is considered to be (more or less) a normal article.

Style guide Edit

  • A theory should consist of at least one premise and a conclusion.
  • Avoid questions or possibilities (avoid question marks, "Maybe", "Perhaps", "I think", etc).
  • Theories are not owned by a single editor, but are dynamic items with multiple contributors. Therefore:
    • Use of an indented bullet does not imply the statement is a response.
    • Theory entries are not signed.
  • Try to pick the most appropriate article. Please don't be surprised / upset if someone moves a theory to another page, for example from a character page to a episode page.
  • Back your claims by scenes in the show. Please understand that others may not share your feeling if you don't.

Removal Edit

Theories may be removed from a theory page if …

  • Illogical. Consider the following:
    • Everything that swims in the sea is a fish.
    • A whale swims in the sea.
    • Therefore, a whale is a fish.
The conclusion is "correct," based on the information (premises) given; the fatal problem is that one of the premises is false.
  • Previously disproven.
  • Proven by canon source, and moved to main article.
  • Speculative and lacking any evidence to support arguments.

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