Theories about

People are aware that they are experiencing their flashEdit

  • Since the exact moment of the flash is well-known, some people provide information to their past-self.
  • Stan is sitting on the toilet. Barring some illness, that's an odd spot to be.
  • Nicole is being drowned. It's possible that she was a willing participant (baptism, or surrendered due to guilt), or that it was inevitable.

The flash is a glimpse of a parallel universe (multiverse?)Edit

  • The events in the flash will occur exactly as seen, but in a different universe.
  • Olivia and Lloyd's flashes show that Olivia met Lloyd in college, and are now married and/or cohabitating
  • The GBO did not occurr in that world.
  • Most people appear not to recognize that they are experiencing their flash.
  • It may be a coincidence that some appear to recognize their flash.

The flash is a glimpse of a possible or probably futureEdit

  • If events occurred as they "should," then the future that was witness will come to pass.
    • Lloyd describes the flashes as a possible, not definite future.
      • Lloyd only uses that description after finding out that his and Simon's flashes contradict, which we learn is only because Simon's flash wasn't authentic.

As self-fulfilling as possible flashes Edit

  • Flashes will always alter the future. One instance of blackout will give for all who experienced (subjects) it similar future with this mechanism:
    • Originally, without flash subjects will have future lets call it A_0
    • If they see their A_0 future, they will have A_1 future, so they should see it in the first place
    • But then they will have A_2 future, but if they'll see it they'll have A_3 etc.
    • When difference between A_{n-1} and A_n will fall below some sort of threshold A_{n-1} will be what they will actually see.
    • This is average variable for all subjects so somebody's future will be radically different from what they saw

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