Bracelet 2

Charlie gives the bracelet to Mark

Bracelet burn

The friendship bracelet in the Benfords' fireplace

Mark had a friendship bracelet around his wrist in his flashforward. A friendship bracelet is also the title image of the first episode, "No More Good Days".

At the evening of the day of the GBO Charlie gave her father a friendship bracelet. Although somewhat disturbed by the fact that the bracelet appears to be the same seen in his flashforward, Mark decided to wear it, not to put any further distress onto Charlie. ("No More Good Days")

However, following the death of Sheriff Keegan, and fearing for his marriage, Mark eventually decided to get rid of the bracelet, throwing it into his fireplace. ("White to Play")

The words "friendship bracelet" were also written on one of the post-it notes seen in Mark's flashforward, and recreated by Demetri Noh from Mark's instructions.

Eventually Charlie made and gave him another one. ("Queen Sacrifice")

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