A ghost is a person who did not have a flashforward and, therefore, suspects he or she will die in the six months between the Global Blackout and D-Day.

Many ghosts, having found each other through the Mosaic Collective website, congregate as a means of support. One such group is Already Ghosts. Members of Already Ghosts gather at Blue Hand clubs, clubs which cater to any last desires and pleasures of its members.

Known GhostsEdit

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

Unanswered questions
  1. Do not answer the questions here.
  2. Keep the questions open-ended and neutral: do not suggest an answer.
  3. Avoid questions that are unlikely to be answered.
Theories for these unanswered questions should go on this article's theory page.
  • Are all ghosts in fact to supposed to be dead on April 29, 2010 as opposed to not having a flashforward for some other reason?
  • Can their deaths be prevented?
  • Can their deaths be prevented by means less drastic than the death of someone else?
  • Is there a connection between the deceased Ian Rutherford and the Rutherford Case mentioned in Gough's Flashforward?

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