Harvard University is a private university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the Greater Boston area. It is the oldest university in the United States and one of the most prestigious in the world. Eight Presidents of the United States (both Adams, Hayes, Kennedy, both Roosevelts, George W. Bush, and Obama) graduated from Harvard.

President Dave Segovia likely graduated from Harvard, as he was wearing Harvard apparel during the basketball game he played against Stan Wedeck. ("Gimme Some Truth")

Lloyd Simcoe attended Harvard in 1998 and got his Ph.D. there. He had an apartment above the cigar shop Leavitt & Pierce in Harvard Square. Olivia Benford was originally also going to attend Harvard and live in the building next door. However, her husband Mark Benford got a job in the Los Angeles FBI field office, and she followed him to Los Angeles instead. Simcoe met his wife, who would be killed in the Global Blackout, after she moved into his building. ("A561984")

The word "HARVARD" appears in white on Dyson Frost's wall. ("The Garden of Forking Paths")

When Olivia Benford and Shelly Vreede encounter Gabriel McDow at the Raven River Hospital, Gabriel explains to her that in his flashforwards during the Raven River experiments, she was supposed to attend Harvard and marry Lloyd Simcoe, instead of attending UCLA and marrying Mark Benford. ("Goodbye Yellow Brick Road")

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