Ian Rutherford
1x06 Rutherford Passport

Name Ian Rutherford
Status Deceased
Job Unknown
Saw in Flash Presumably nothing

Ian Rutherford is a man who was a suspect in the Mosaic Investigation.


His last name was first mentioned in "No More Good Days", though at the time his first name was unknown. Al Gough and Fiona Banks saw themselves working on the "Rutherford case", a joint investigation between the FBI and the United Kingdom's Scotland Yard, during their flashforwards.

Gough finds Rutherford's passport in the Blue Hand club. It is a United Kingdom passport and gives Rutherford's first name as Ian, his nationality as Scottish, and his date of birth as December 25, 1985, which would make him 23 years old at the time of the Global Blackout. ("Scary Monsters and Super Creeps")

It is later revealed that he was one of the three dead people found in the Blue Hand club. The other two were Diana Davis and Jason Martinez; all were presumably members of Already Ghosts. According to the medical examiner, all three died of suicide through self-inflicted gunshot wounds and were found with alcohol in their bloodstreams. Al Gough states that Rutherford is 25 years old, contradicting the age that would be suggested by the birthdate in his passport. ("The Gift")

According to Fiona Banks, Ian's father is an aviation mechanic, his mother works in a factory that makes cell phone components. He went missing off a cargo ship two weeks before his corpse is found by the FBI. The British embassy was notified about his disappearance. Banks, remembering the name from her flashforward, takes this opportunity to travel to Los Angeles and meet Gough. ("The Gift")


The passport shown does not follow the format of United Kingdom passports. Nationality is always listed as "British Citizen", not Scottish, English, Welsh, or Northern Irish.

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