Theories about
Ian Rutherford

Ian Rutherford's age Edit

Theory to explain that Al Gough states that Rutherford is 25 years old, contradicting the age that would be suggested by the birthdate in his passport is that 2 years were spent outside of his normal timeline making him 25 after only 23 normal years within the timeline.   Alternately he could have come through in the FlashForward from another earth that is out of sync with the one in the series. Either fits the shows' current 'bible' (as in what's been shown so far).

Inventor of particle acceleration Edit

'Rutherford' was the first person to put together a particle accelerator. This could mean that this man was the first person to investigate the particle accelerator which links into the theory brought from the author of the book that the series is based on. LHC is fundamental to the story and Rutherford was the first to investigate particle acceleration ...

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