James Erskine
1x13 James Erskine
Actor James Remar
First Seen "Blowback"
Name James Erskine
Status Alive
Job Operation Officer, Jericho
Saw in Flash Unknown

James Erskine was the worldwide operations officer for the Jericho private military contractor. After Tracy Stark was abducted, her father Aaron confronted Erskine during a birthday party for his daughter. Erskine denied any knowledge of Tracy, but soon after Aaron left issued instructions for Aaron to be killed. Aaron monitored these instructions by a wiretap.


  • James Remar who plays Erskine was a recurring character on the 2006-2008 CBS television series Jericho which prominently featured private military contractors as antagonists (though his character, Jonah Prowse, was an antagonist, he was not a part of the military contractors).

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