Jericho is an American private military contractor.

Jericho apparently perpetrated a massacre of civilians in Afghanistan that was witnessed by Tracy Stark. ("Playing Cards with Coyote") They attempted to cover up the massacre by attacking a Humvee in which Tracy Stark and Mike Willingham were riding, but both survived. ("Playing Cards with Coyote")

Jericho is headquartered in the Bartols Foundation for International Peace in Santa Monica, California. ("Believe") Jericho executives include James Erskine. ("Blowback")

Vice President Joyce Clemente tells Stan Wedeck that in her flashforward, Jericho is involved with the downfall of President Dave Segovia. As a result, in order to collect evidence against Jericho, Wedeck contacts and helps Aaron Stark get into Afghanistan. ("Let No Man Put Asunder")

Jericho has an unauthorized military outpost in Helmand Province called Joshua Base. Tracy Stark was being held there until Aaron Stark and Kahmir Dejan rescued her. ("The Negotiation")

After Aaron Stark uploads photographs of the base to Wedeck, Wedeck calls President Segovia to warn Segovia that Wedeck will be exposing the base. Wedeck then calls Joyce Clemente to tell her about it. ("The Negotiation")

A Jericho mercenary interrogated by Aaron Stark revealed that what Tracy Stark saw was not a massacre of civilians, but rather a test run for the Global Blackout, thus implying that Jericho is part of the Global Blackout conspiracy. ("Countdown")


  • Jericho is a city described in the Bible. Its walls were brought down with the trumpets and war cries of an army led by Joshua.
  • Jericho is also the name of a 2006-2008 CBS television series which prominently featured private military contractors as antagonists.

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