Kate Stark
Actor Kim Dickens
First Seen "137 Sekunden"
Last Seen "137 Sekunden"
Name Kate Stark
Status Alive
Job Bar owner
Saw in Flash Herself, serving at her bar.

Kate Stark is the ex-wife of Aaron Stark and the mother of Tracy Stark, currently running a local bar.

Character BiographyEdit


Kate and Aaron were divorced at the time of the GBO.


In her flashforward, Kate claimed to be doing the same bar job, attending to the same customers, as she was doing at the time of the GBO.


Following Aaron's Flash, he approached Kate, asking her to sign an affidavit to have Tracy's remains exhumed to have the DNA retested. She refused and he asked Mark Benford to obtain a court order for the exhumation. When the second test returned the same results as the original, Aaron returned to the bar and apologized. Kate embraced him. ("137 Sekunden")

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