Keith Connor
1x21 Keith Connor
Actor Dominic Bogart
First Seen "The Negotiation"
Name Keith Connor
Status Alive
Job Jericho operative
Saw in Flash Unknown

Keith Connor was one of two Jericho operatives who were taking Tracy Stark out to kill her and bury her in an unmarked grave. Tracy's father, Aaron Stark, was observing the act. He shot and killed the other operative and wounded Keith.

After the group arrived at the safe haven Aaron had seen in his Flash, Tracy's condition worsened. Aaron attacked Keith and demanded to know why Jericho had killed the people in the village and taken Tracy. Keith told Aaron that the villagers were not dead; they were unconscious as a result of a test for the Global Blackout and that someone wanted to know why Tracy, who was inside the supposed one-kilometer radius of the test, remained conscious.

Tracy died soon after Aaron interrogated Keith.

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