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(Mark Benford is welcoming newly assigned agents at the Los Angeles Field Office.)

MARK: Today is more than just the beginning of your career. Today, along with a badge and a gun, you're gonna get a story about your first day on the job. Every special agent has one. Some are funny. Some are tragic. Some are boring. But today won't be the most important day in your career as an FBI agent. That day is somewhere down the line. You won't see it coming. It sneaks up on you. It'll most likely be an anonymous moment – a crossroads where you're asked to do something, make some kind of personal sacrifice for the good of someone else, and that person may never know your name or see your face or even understand what you did. But you'll know. And isn't that why you're here, after all? Because you can be counted on to do the right thing at the right time, every time. Welcome to the FBI.

STAN: Well done. Nicely done. (to the crowd) All right, ladies and gentlemen. See me for your partner assignments. Congratulations. (To Mark) Nicely done.


DEMETRI: Special Agent Vreede – is it "Vreed-y" or "vreede" as in "freed"?

AL GOUGH: Oh, I don't know. I got Benford.

DEMETRI: No. Switch with me.


DEMETRI: He's a legend. He's done it all – surveillance, counterterrorism, trafficking. Come on. Do it.

AL GOUGH: Whatever, but you gotta take it up with Wedeck and get it approved.

DEMETRI: Done. Thank you.

AL GOUGH: Of course.

DEMETRI: Yes! Janis, who'd you get?

JANIS: No partner. Headed to analysis. Boring.

MARCIE TUROFF: You know, I got it worse. I report to you. (chuckles) I mean, how could that be? I scored higher.

JANIS: Yeah, in, like, one category. Come on, Marcie. We'll have fun.

AL GOUGH: Yeah, we've been a team since Quantico – booze and bullets.

MARCIE TUROFF: Yeah, well, what am I, the mascot?

JANIS: No, you're like our captain. Yeah, you'll probably outpace all of us. I'm sure of it.

DEMETRI: Yeah, we're – we're sure.

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