Theories about
Lloyd Simcoe

Lloyd didn't know the time of the GBO in advance Edit

Lloyd didn't know when the GBO was going to happen, or had dropped out sometime before the event had taken place. If he had known, it would be safe to assume he would take precautionary measures to make sure nothing would happen to himself. It also seems foolish for a man directly involved with such an event not to protect himself when it happens. What if he had been in a car accident and died?

We know that at least two people didn't blackout, so there is a way to keep from blacking out. Whether Simon and Lloyd know about it or not is, again, unknown. But if you know the exact time, you would still take measures to avoid getting killed in an accident.

The NLAP team was used by a third party to cause the GBO Edit

Simon, Lloyd, and their compatriots were working on a project that was then used by someone else to cause the Blackout. This would seem to explain why the two people we know were "responsible" had flashforwards. Perhaps they're not responsible in the literal sense, but they feel so because it was their research that led to the event. Also, "D. Gibbons" possible role in this cannot be ruled out. Evidence of his computer-hacking abilities has been suggested by ERT. One possible scenario is that "D.Gibbons", through computer-hacking, was able to link every "specialized pulsed laser for a plasma afterburner" on the planet, and when Lloyd Simcoe "threw the switch" at 11:00AM, Pacific Time, on October 6th, 2009, Lloyd was unwittingly activating them all, resulting in the Blackout.

His kidnapping was staged Edit

At the end of "A561984" Lloyd is being kidnapped. Several points in the story simply don't add up: Before his press conference he booked a flight, which hints that he anticipated outrage. Yet he doesn't try to get his son transferred to a “secure” hospital until after the announcement. The only doctor we have seen him with before was Olivia, but suddenly he asks some other doctor to have Dylan transferred? They're supposed to be driven by an ambulance although Dylan looks fit enough to be driven by Lloyd himself (he does have a car, we've seen it).

If Lloyd is a bad guy, staging his own kidnapping has several benefits:

  • He doesn't have to answer to the FBI.
  • He knows his son in good hands.
  • If Olivia is dumb enough to take Dylan home with her, Mark will freak out.

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