Lorraine Campos
1x12 Lorraine Campos
Actor Claire Jacobs
First Seen "Revelation Zero, Part 2"
Name Lorraine Campos
Status Alive
Job Mother
Saw in Flash Unknown

Lorraine Campos was a widow and the mother of Simon Campos, Adam Campos, Graham Campos, and Annabelle Campos. She lived in or near Toronto, Canada.

Character BiographyEdit

Before the BlackoutEdit

She attended the funeral of her husband, who she did not know had been murdered.


After the BlackoutEdit

When Simon Campos fled to Toronto to speak to Phillip, he led Janis Hawk to his family home under the pretext of needing to help search for his missing sister Annabelle. Lorraine Campos served her family, which included Uncle Teddy, a meal. Afterward, she spoke to Annabelle by phone about her daughter coming home without knowing that Annabelle was being held at gunpoint.


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