Lucas Hellinger
Portal Lucas Hellinger
Actor Neil Jackson
First Seen "Revelation Zero, Part 1"
Last Seen "Future Shock"
Name Lucas Hellinger
Status Alive
Job Unknown
Saw in Flash Unknown

Lucas Hellinger is the highest-ranking known member of the Global Blackout conspiracy. Lita and Gabriel McDow both state that he is the leader. ("The Negotiation") However, Hellinger and Simon Campos both claim that the conspiracy extends much further than Hellinger. ("Countdown")


Six months before the Global Blackout, Hellinger introduced Alda Hertzog to Dyson Frost. Before doing so, Hellinger told her that Frost was difficult to work with and that someday she might have to kill him (on March 15, 2010, Hertzog did end up killing Frost). During their conversation, Hellinger showed that he was familiar with the Raven River experiments. ("The Garden of Forking Paths")

Lucas Hellinger talked to Lloyd Simcoe while he was being kept captive. He gave Lloyd something to drink and opened the handcuffs that chained Lloyd to a pipe on the wall. When Lloyd asked who he was, Lucas replied "You actually don't want to know the answer to that question". ("Revelation Zero, Part 1")

Lita finds Simon Campos and has sex with Campos in a motel room to keep him there until Hellinger arrives. She states that Hellinger is the leader of the Global Blackout conspiracy. ("The Negotiation")

Gabriel McDow refers to Hellinger as "Big Guy" and also tells the FBI that Hellinger is the leader of the Global Blackout conspiracy. ("The Negotiation")

The FBI is able to capture Hellinger by using McDow as bait. Before Hellinger is captured, he deletes some files on his computer.

("The Negotiation")

After Lucas was captured he was taken back to the Los Angeles Field Office where he was questioned by Mark about the date of the next blackout. He refused to tell Mark anything, other than the fact that at the end of it all Mark will die and that his daughter will be better off without him. Mark attacked Lucas out of anger as Lucas had also said he would. ("Countdown")

When the HQ was reported of having been planted with a deadly bomb. Lucas was escorted out of the building by members of the FBI. On his way out he made eye contact with two people who were supposedly members of a bomb defusion squad. They were in fact members of the three-star tattoo squad, who were entering the building to kill Mark Benford. ("Future Shock")


  • Lucas Hellinger has appeared in 5 of 22 aired episodes.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

Unanswered questions
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  • What does he want to know from Lloyd?
  • Did he black out?
  • How / when did he have flashforwards of his interrogation at the FBI?
  • Did he escape during the second black out?

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