MW card

The card as seen on Nhadra's wall

There is a hitherto unidentified card featuring the letters “MW” in blue and orange posted to Nhadra's Mosaic Investigation wall. Next to the letters is an orange and blue telephone receiver in a box. The letters below read “MIDWEST”. Above the letters it says “JOHN ROB…”. In the left half a schematic drawing of Central America can be seen. In the top left corner it says “FT. GRIFFITH”, a possible nod towards the TV show “The Unit”. The top right corner and right edge shows a white area which might depict a coastline. ("A561984")

Unanswered Questions Edit

Unanswered questions
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  3. Avoid questions that are unlikely to be answered.
Theories for these unanswered questions should go on this article's theory page.
  • Who / what is this card from?
  • Why is it posted to Nhadra's wall?

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