Actor Navi Rawat
First Seen "Gimme Some Truth"
Name Maya
Status Alive
Job Chef
Saw in Flash Working in restaurant

Maya was a young woman with whom Janis Hawk began to develop a romantic relationship.

Character BiographyEdit


Maya worked as a chef in the restaurant where she and Janis had dinner.


Maya was working at the same restaurant, but she was wearing a wedding band.


Maya attended a Tae Kwon Do class with Janis. They had apparently already made arrangements to have dinner. The following morning, Janis and Maya were in Janis' apartment and Janis was cooking breakfast for them. Maya, who was still in sleepwear offered to take over the chore.

Maya soon meets Janis for a gallery opening and she presents her with a gift of an alarm clock. Maya asks Janis if she is intrested in both men and women to which Janis tells her only women. Maya explains and tells Janis that she looked her up on the Mosaic website and saw that Janis was pregnant on April 29th. Maya suggests it had something to do with them as a couple as Janis was pregnant and Maya was weaing a wedding band, Janis tells her the baby is her own thing and not Maya's. She then tells Maya that she cannot continue the relationship anymore and Maya becomes emotional after she leaves.

The same alarm clock Maya purchased for Janis is seen on the street telling Janis to wake up as she lies bleeding after just being shot in the chest.

After Janis was admitted to Angeles Hospital, Maya sent her some flowers without there being any clear reason why she should know that Janis was hospitalized.


Unanswered QuestionsEdit

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