Mike Willingham
1x07 Mike Willingham
Actor Mark Famiglietti
First Seen "The Gift"
Last Seen "Blowback"
Name Mike Willingham
Status Alive
Saw in Flash Unknown

Mike Willingham was a corporal in the United States Marine Corps.

Character BiographyEdit

Before the BlackoutEdit

Mike served in Afghanistan with Tracy Stark and was driving the Humvee in which they and others were riding when they were ambushed by Jericho. ("The Gift") Mike and Tracy both survived. ("The Gift") ("Playing Cards with Coyote")

After the BlackoutEdit

Mike approached Aaron at work and told him the story about the attack by Jericho, adding that he believed her to have been killed. Aaron Stark helped Mike get a job. ("The Gift")

Stark told Mike that Tracy was alive and at his home. Shortly afterwards, Tracy was kidnapped by Jericho. Stark, suspecting Mike, beat a confession out of him, Broke his arm, stripped him, wrote "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" on his chest, and hung him outside James Erskine's window ("Blowback")


  • "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" written on Mike Willingham's chest is the title image for episode 1.13 "Blowback".

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