Mosaic Collective Interviews
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The Mosaic Collective Interviews are a series of webisodes released online through the FlashForward site. The clips feature newscasters from around the world interviewing people about what they saw during the Global Blackout.


Title Number Location Link Characters
"Mosaic Collective Interview, Part 1" 101 A Street in LA [1] Artie Hoffman
An LA barista tells of his romantic vision.
"Mosaic Collective Interview, Part 2" 102 A Park in Gainesville [2] Phoebe
Phoebe tells of her flashforward wedding.
"Mosaic Collective Interview, Part 3" 103 A Street in London [3] Jessa
Jessa tells that her flashforward showed her a future where Londoners were being manipulated.
"Mosaic Collective Interview, Part 4" 104 A street in Paris [4] Hazel
Hazel tells that it was an ordinary day in her flashforward.
"Mosaic Collective Interview, Part 5" 105 Sydney Harbor [5] James
James doesn't believe his flashforward will come true.
"Mosaic Collective Interview, Part 6" 106 Tokyo [6] Masaki
Masaki tells how the flashforward ruined his painting.


The ABC Mosaic Interviews website. [7]

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