Mr. Cheeto Dust is the user handle of a hacker who is mentioned by username several times but never actually seen on screen.

Mr. Cheeto Dust was busted by the FBI for hacking into the Department of Defense's computer systems.

When the CIA denies the FBI's requests for satellite images of Ganwar, Somalia during the 1991 Ganwar incident, Mark Benford asks Al Gough to have Mr. Cheeto Dust hack into the CIA computer systems to retrieve the satellite images. ("Black Swan") Mr. Cheeto Dust comes through, providing the FBI with the satellite images which reveal a system of pylons in Ganwar. ("Gimme Some Truth")

Unanswered Questions Edit

Unanswered questions
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  • Who is he?
  • Do Mr. Cheeto Dust and D. Gibbons (another skilled computer hacker) know one another?

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