National Linear Accelerator Project
1x19 NLAP
Located in Palo Alto
Debut "Course Correction"
Significance Locastion of the experiment that amplified the effects of an unknown event, creating the Global Blackout
Characters Gordon Myhill
Simon Campos
Lloyd Simcoe

The National Linear Accelerator Project (NLAP) is a scientific research project at Palo Alto, California directed by Gordon Myhill. ("A561984") Scientists who are part of the project include Lloyd Simcoe, Simon Campos, Elizabeth Rhee, Gabe Clayson, and Philippe Tarhan. ("Playing Cards with Coyote") ("A561984")

NLAP is trying to use "proton-driven plasma wakefield acceleration" to "reproduce the kind of energy levels that existed right after the Big Bang". ("A561984") One of their experiments contributed to the Global Blackout. ("A561984") While Campos and Simcoe are being held captive, Flosso remarks that NLAP did not cause the blackout, but merely amplified it. ("Revelation Zero, Part 2")

On the day of the Global Blackout, Angie Tremont, a journalist from the New Science Report, comes to NLAP to cover their experiment. She is introduced to Lloyd Simcoe by Gordon Myhill. During the Global Blackout, she hits her head on a table and is killed. ("Course Correction")

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