A necklace of three beads is the title image of episode 1.14 "Better Angels". The necklace is made of wire and has an amber bead surrounded by two red beads. ("Better Angels")

The necklace was worn by Abdi Khalif's mother. The necklace was lost when she disappeared during the Ganwar incident. ("Better Angels")

In Khalif's flashforward, he is wearing the necklace himself while making a speech. Janis Hawk is able to convince him that his destiny is to unify Somalia by showing him that the Mosaic Collective website contains accurate descriptions of the necklace. ("Better Angels")

Khalif recovers the necklace when he discovers his mother's skeleton inside the remaining Ganwar tower. The discovery of the necklace evokes strong emotions in him, prompting him to threaten Simon Campos, whom Khalif blames for his mother's death because Campos drew up the plans for the tower. Marshall Vogel shot and killed Khalif to stop him from killing Campos. ("Better Angels")

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