Mark and Nhadra will pool the knowledge gained from their respective flashesEdit

  • Since Nhadra Udaya had a flash that was similar to Mark Benford's, the two will combine their efforts at some point to fill in the gaps.
  • Since Nhadra believes Mark is a murderer, she is unwilling to trust Mark
  • Mark does not trust Nhadra either. Once Mark finds out Nhadra works for D. Gibbons, he will be even more reluctant to assist Nhadra.
  • She's working with D.Gibbons rather than for him

How did Nhadra obtain this information?Edit

  • Similar to Mark, she had a flash included her wall, as well has the intelligence report, detailing Demetri Noh's murder.
  • The Masked shooters approached Nhadra with the information gleaned from their own flashes.
  • The Masked shooters provided enough information on the Mosaic Collective that prompted Nhadra to track them down.
  • She's being fed information by the mole.
  • She saw Gabriel's sketch-book. [Highly feasible.]

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