Theories about
No More Good Days

Flashes are possible manifestations of the future Edit

  • In the flashes, many people seem to be experiencing a future made possible by the GBO. For example, Olivia wouldn't have met Lloyd were it not for the blackout; therefore, her future with Lloyd was influenced by the GBO. Mark would not be investigating the GBO if it hadn't happened in the future he saw; therefore, his future in his office was influenced by the GBO. However, it seems that no one in their flashes was aware of the significance of the time or date. Stan's flash showed him in the restroom; Janis's flash showed her having what seemed to be a non-emergency ultrasound. Now that Stan and Janis are aware of the significance of April 29, 2010 at 10 PM, they will almost certainly not choose to do those things at that time. This holds true for others, like Kate, who, in her flash, is working at the bar like it's a "regular" shift.
    • It is later revealed that Olivia had another possible connection to Lloyd. Had she gone to the same university as he, as originally planned, it's possible they'd have met that way.

Demetri was conscious during the GBOEdit

  • When people awoke from the GBO, Demetri appeared to be some distance away from the car he was in when the blackout happened. He was able to reorient himself from the crash and walk away before others awoke because he was somehow immune to the effects of the blackout.
  • Demetri lost consciousness and saw "nothing" because he hit his head in the car crash. He blacked out with no vision briefly because of his injury, but he quickly came to and walked away from the car.

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