Season 1Edit

# Image Title Writer(s) Director
01 1x01 NoMoreGoodDays "No More Good Days" David S. Goyer & Brannon Braga David S. Goyer
It's just another normal day in Los Angeles. FBI agent Mark Benford and his partner, Demetri Noh, are in the middle of a car chase monitored by their boss, Stanford Wedeck, and colleague Janis Hawk; Mark's wife, Dr. Olivia Benford, is in the middle of surgery; Dr. Bryce Varley is weighing a potentially life-ending decision; Mark's friend, Aaron Stark, is working high above the ground on power lines; and Nicole Kirby -- baby-sitter to Mark and Olivia's daughter, Charlie -- is in the throes of passion with her boyfriend when suddenly, and without warning, every person on Earth blacks out for two minutes and seventeen seconds and sees a series of events from their own future, taking place on April 29, 2010 at 10:00 p.m.. For some the future will be joyous and hopeful; for others, shockingly unexpected; and for a few, it simply doesn't seem to exist.
02 1x02 WhiteToPlay "White to Play" David S. Goyer & Marc Guggenheim David S. Goyer
Mark and Demetri head to Utah to track down a suspect who may be connected to the global blackout, Olivia comes face-to-face with the man from her vision, and Mark and Olivia's daughter, Charlie, has trouble coping with the aftermath of her flashforward.
03 1x03 137 Skunden "137 Sekunden" David S. Goyer & Marc Guggenheim Michael Rymer
Mark and Janis travel to Germany to speak with an imprisoned Nazi who claims to have knowledge about the blackouts, and an anonymous tip leads Demetri to believe his deepest fears about his future. Meanwhile, Aaron pleads with Mark to help him get the approval to have his daughter's body exhumed in order to re-test her DNA and confirm the identity of the remains.
04 1x04 BlackSwan "Black Swan" Lisa Zwerling & Scott Gimple Michael Rymer
Olivia struggles to accept Bryce's suggestion that a patient's flashforward holds the key to a correct diagnosis and treatment. Meanwhile, Demetri accuses Mark of waiting for the future he saw in his flashforward to come true without incident, while Mark feels Demetri is letting his fear of what he witnessed envelop his life; and Nicole returns to work as Mark and Olivia's daughter's baby-sitter, and discloses her shocking future vision -- involving a murder.
05 1x05 GimmeSomeTruth "Gimme Some Truth" Dawn Prestwich & Nicole Yorkin (Teleplay)
Barbara Nance (Story)
Bobby Roth
Mark finds himself on the defense while being questioned about the details of his flashforward during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, which will decide whether to continue funding Wedeck's team. Meanwhile, Janis wonders how her flashforward will affect her current romantic relationship, and Olivia receives an anonymous message relating to Mark's flashforward.
06 1x06 MonstersAndCreeps "Scary Monsters and Super Creeps" Seth Hoffman & Quinton Peeples Bobby Roth
Mark, Demetri and Wedeck try to find a connection between Janis' attack and a separate attack made on them. Meanwhile, as Halloween approaches, Olivia confronts Mark about his flashforward, Demetri and Gough track down a clue that was foreshadowed in Mark's flashforward, Lloyd's son, Dylan, goes missing from the hospital, and the elusive Simon makes contact with a reluctant acquaintance.
07 1x07 TheGift "The Gift" Lisa Zwerling & Ian Goldberg Nick Gomez
Mark, Demetri, Gough and MI6 agent Fiona Banks investigate a Blue Hand club and its possible connection to some recent suicides. Meanwhile, Aaron receives a surprise visit from a former army buddy of his late daughter's, Demetri comes clean with Zoey about his lack of a flashforward, and Nicole helps Bryce uncover the mystery of his flashforward while volunteering at the hospital.
08 1x08 PlayingCardsCoyote "Playing Cards with Coyote" Marc Guggenheim & Barbara Nance Nick Gomez
Mark cuts his romantic getaway with Olivia short when a tip leads to the discovery of the tattooed assassin seen in his flashforward, Simon and Lloyd settle a debate over a game of poker, Aaron learns the truth about daughter Tracy's deadly accident, and Janis returns to work but debates her future with the department.
09 1x09 Believe "Believe" Nicole Yorkin & Dawn Prestwich Michael Nankin
Bryce begins his search for the woman in his flashforward, Aaron becomes concerned over Tracy's odd behavior, Mark attempts to track down the person responsible for texting Olivia and outing his drinking during his flashforward vision, and Demetri's co-agents try to find the mysterious caller who forewarned him about his unfortunate fate.
10 1x10 A561984 "A561984" David S. Goyer & Scott M. Gimple Michael Nankin
Against Wedeck's orders, Mark and Demetri travel to Hong Kong in search of the woman claiming to know details of Demetri's fate; Lloyd tries to come clean about his and Simon's involvement in the global blackout - against Simon's better judgment -- and Zoey discovers the true meaning of her flashforward.

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