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For the events occurred before the GBO, see Pre-GBO Timeline.
For the events occurred after April 29, 2010, see Post-D-Day Timeline.


Tuesday, October 6Edit

  5. A drawing of three stars ("No More Good Days")
  • Around 7:00 P.M., Pacific Time: Janis begins cycling through surveillance footage all across the US and webcams in other countries out of a curiosity to see what was recorded at the time of the GBO. ("No More Good Days")
  • Lloyd rushes to Dylan's hospital room and meets Bryce. ("No More Good Days")

Wednesday, October 7 Edit

Thursday, October 8 Edit

Friday, October 9 Edit

Saturday, October 10 Edit

Sunday, October 11 Edit

Sunday, October 18-Saturday, October 24Edit

  • Ian goes missing from a cargo vessel in Long Beach. ("The Gift")

Tuesday, October 20 Edit

Wednesday, October 28 Edit

Thursday, October 29Edit

Friday, October 30 Edit

Friday, October 30-Saturday, October 31 Edit

Saturday, October 31 Edit

Monday, November 2Edit

Tuesday, November 3 Edit

  • Al commits suicide. ("The Gift")
  • Tracy reveals herself to Aaron alive and wearing a prosthetic right leg. ("The Gift")

Monday, November 9Edit

Saturday, November 14Edit

Thursday, November 19Edit

Friday, November 20Edit

  • Tracy tells Aaron what happened to her.

Saturday, November 21Edit

  • Mark kills a Three Star whom was trying to kill Ingrid.

Tuesday, December 15Edit

2010 Edit

Monday, January 4Edit

Wednesday, January 13 - Tuesday, January 19Edit

Tuesday, March 9Edit

Monday, March 15 Edit

Monday, April 12 Edit

Thursday, April 29-Friday, April 30Edit

  • 10:00 P.M., Pacific Time (6:00 A.M., British Time): The events portrayed in the flash forwards begin.("No More Good Days")
  • 10:14 P.M., Pacific Time (6:14 A.M., British Time): The 2nd GBO occurs.

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