This is the page for Project Flashback. Here, we'll organize what pages need to be updated and which ones have been.

In order of importance:

1. Major characters (Mark Benford, Simon Campos, etc.)

2. Supporting characters (Charlie Benford, Zoey Andata, Dyson Frost, etc.)

3. Important items (Mark's investigation wall, Nhadra's investigation wall, Frost's garden, etc.)

4. Minor characters (Ms. Gerber, Didi Gibbons, Oscar Obregon, etc.)

While they do not need to be updated specifically like that, Mark Benford should take precedence over Nameless Agent #3.

Updated pagesEdit

Need to be updatedEdit

Mark Benford

Demetri Noh

Janis Hawk

Lloyd Simcoe

Bryce Varley

Nicole Kirby

Simon Campos

Stanford Wedeck

Aaron Stark

Olivia Benford

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