1x10 Quarry
Actor Karl Herlinger
First Seen "A561984"
Last Seen "Revelation Zero, Part 2"
Name Quarry
Status Alive
Job Thug
Saw in Flash Unknown

Quarry, who was introduced by Wheeler as "Reed," was one of two hired thugs working for Flosso. He was the second ambulance driver who abducted Lloyd Simcoe.

Character BiographyEdit

After the BlackoutEdit

Reed arrived at the hospital with Wheeler, who was the more vocal of the group, ostensibly to transport Dylan Simcoe to another hospital. The situation outside the hospital spun out of control when Olivia Benford became suspicious of their conduct. Reed shot Bill, a security guard called by Olivia, and Wheeler threatened to shoot Olivia herself. Reed and Wheeler forced Lloyd Simcoe into the ambulance and fled the scene.("A561984")

He later took part in the torture of Simon, and held down Simon while Wheeler cut off his pinky finger with a cigar trimmer. ("Revelation Zero, Part 1")

Later, after Benford broke through the door of the building to rescue Simcoe and Campos, Quarry shot at Benford's car before approaching and being kicked and disarmed by Benford. ("Revelation Zero, Part 2")

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • How much did he know about the GBO?
  • Why wasn't he questioned for information by the FBI?

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