Theories about
Raven River experiments

Alpha flash-forwards Edit

If the Ganwar incident was a "beta blackout", the Raven River experiments where "alpha flash-forwards", i.e. proof-of-concept flashes of single participants under close observation. Since the hypocampus is stimulated in the experiment, some or all participants have the savant syndrome, for example Gabriel and Kent Nelson. Goal of the experiment is to let participants glimpse at the future by means of flash-forward experiences.

The findings of the experiment and the information learned in the flashes were used to engineer the Ganwar incident. The used technology, developed by Simon Campos in the future, could be used because Frost learned about it in one of his flashes.

The goal was indeed to make them glimpse the future, and this is the reason Dyson Frost made savants be part of the experiments. They did not suddenly become savants because their hippocampus was stimulated; no, they already were savants and Frost had chosen them because they would be able to remember their flash perfectly.

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