Saayo Noh
1x10 Saayo Noh
Actor Elizabeth Sung
First Seen "A561984"
Name Saayo Noh
Status Alive
Job Unknown
Saw in Flash Demetri's funeral

Saayo Noh is Demetri Noh's mother. She was reluctant to accept Zoey Andata as a member of the family, especially after experiencing her son's funeral in her Flash.

Character BiographyEdit

Before the BlackoutEdit


Saayo's Flash has not been seen, but she was present in Zoey's flash of Demetri's funeral.   Her conversation with Zoey indicates that her flashforward including herself being at Demetri's funeral and seeing Zoey.

After the BlackoutEdit

Saayo failed to return Zoey's phone calls. Finally, when Demetri was in Hong Kong, Zoey visited Saayo and explained that she had finally realized that the event she had believed to be her and Demetri's wedding was actually Demetri's funeral. Saayo explained that she had believed that talking to Zoey would make the coming event even more real. Saayo and he husband wished there was a better future. Zoey replied that they could change the future.


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